Godsmack Lights Up the Sky In the Woodlands

Godsmack headlined at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands on May 13th, 2023 with support from I Prevail, Highly Suspect, The Struts, Giovanni and the Hired Guns, The Warning, and RoZY, at BuzzFest hosted by 94.5 THE BUZZ! This was also part of their “Best of Times” world tour debuting their eighth and final studio albumLighting Up the Sky“.

Godsmack is an American rock band originating from Lawrence, Massachusetts and was formed in 1995. Their current lineup consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Sully Erna, lead guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merril, and drummer Shannon Larkin.

They played classic hits such as ‘Cryin’ Like A Bitch”, “Awake“, and “Whatever“. They also performed five songs off their latest album “Lighting Up the Sky“. “Soul on Fire” was the third song played and they weren’t playing around when they said it would be “fire“. The pyrotechnics were sounding off the entire song! Their beautiful piano ballad “Under Your Scars” was performed mid set. They followed shortly after with their drum battle “Batalla De Los Tambores” between Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin. The band concluded their set with encore songs “Surrender” and their iconic hit “I Stand Alone“!

What inspired the title of the new album?

The whole record in it’s long form tells that story of something starting great, being inspired, losing it through ya’ know heartbreak/betrayal or whatever, and then finding inspiration again and rising above it. – Sully Erna

What song took the longest to record in the studio?

I would say probably “Truth”. That’s the one I didn’t play on. It’s a ballad. It’s piano driven kind of like “Scars”, but it’s a way darker song. It’s heavier when it comes in. – Shannon Larkin

How has the process changed?

Well I think in any evolution ya’ know living life and having more experience. It always evolves you into being a better person , a better song-writer, a better actor. Whatever it is that you’re dedicating you’re whole life to and spending decades mastering the art of. We’re all going to be students until the day we die. We never really get it all, but there’s no way you can be in the game that long and not grow. – Sully Erna

What’s it like to be on top of your game for over 20 years?

It’s unbelievable going on 25 years still touring and still headlining. I like how we have always called the shots and we’re bowing out on top. – Robbie Merril

What song are you most excited to play live?

Off the new record ya’ know between “Surrender” and “Soul On Fire”. I think those two are going to just be fire.

“Soul On Fire” was their 13th single to hit #1 on the Active Rock Charts!



  • When Legends Rise
  • Cryin’ Like A Bitch
  • Soul On Fire
  • You and I
  • Lighting Up the Sky
  • Something Different
  • Bulletproof
  • What About Me
  • Awake
  • Under Your Scars
  • Batalla de los tambores
  • Whatever


  • Surrender
  • I Stand Alone

I Prevail is an American metalcore band originating from Southfield, Michigan and was formed in 2013. Their current lineup consists of clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser, unclean vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe, lead guitarist Steve Menoian, rhythm guitarist Dylan Bowman, and drummer Gabe Helguera.


  • Bow Down
  • Body Bag
  • Self-Destruction
  • Bad Things
  • Chop Suey! (System of A Down cover) (Intro only)
  • Hurricane
  • There’s Fear in Letting Go
  • Deep End
  • Choke

Due to inclement weather in the surrounding area these songs weren’t able to be played.

  • Scars
  • Gasoline

Highly Suspect is an American rock band originating from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and was formed in 2009. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Johnny Stevens, guitarist Matt Kofos, bassist Rich Meyer, guitarist Mark Schwartz, and drummer Ryan Meyer.


  • Bath Salts
  • Lydia
  • Natural Born Killer
  • Canals
  • Seratonia
  • My Name Is Human
  • Claudeland
  • Pink Lullabye

The Struts is a British rock band originating from Derby, Derbyshire and was formed in 2012. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Luke Spiller, bassist Jed Elliot, guitarist Adam Slack, and drummer Gethin Davies.


  • Primadonna Like Me
  • Body Talks
  • Kiss This
  • Dirty Sex Money
  • Fallin’ With Me
  • Put Your Money On Me
  • Wild Child
  • I Do It So Well
  • Could Have Been Me

Giovannie & the Hired Guns is an American rock band originating from Stephenville, Texas and was formed in 2017.

The Warning is a Mexican rock band originating from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and was formed in 2013. Their current lineup consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Daniela “Dany” Villarreal Velez, bassist/backing vocalist Alejandra “Ale” Villareal Velez, drummer/backing vocalist Paulina “Pau” Villareal Velez.

RoZY is an American rock band originating from Houston, Texas! Their current lineup consists lead singer-songwriter/guitarist Zoe Flores, lead guitarist Brandon Martinez, bassist Aris Weathersby, and drummer/backing vocalist Molly Flores.

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