Accept Headlines Tribute to John Escamilla

Perfect weather and the return of the outdoor stage Saturday night at Concert Pub North, set up a perfect night for a trip back to the best days of rock and metal and to honor the memory of John Escamilla

German band Accept headlining the show in support of their Too Mean to Die tour brought their style of head banging metal to the large audience who had been waiting for Accept’s long overdue return to the states. Accept lead off the night with single “Zombie Apocalypse” from Too Mean To Die and then straight into “Symphony of Pain” and “Restless and Wild” Their set consisted of some of their best music spanning the last few decades. They closed the night with “Son of a Bitch” another single from Too Mean to Die followed by fan favorite “Balls to the Wall” and finally ending the night with “I’m a Rebel.

Local band Love and War started off the night with their amazing set of 80’s style rock followed by Shy Foxx and Narcotic Wasteland.

Love and War

Shy Foxx

Narcotic Wasteland

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