Little Miss Nasty Brings the Heat to Scout Bar

Little Miss Nasty headlined at Scout Bar in Houston on May 6th, 2023 with support from Gina and the Eastern Block, and Raven Black on the Sex Metal Circus Tour!

Gina Katon formed Little Miss Nasty, what was once a one act show and now a world touring empowering act, in the heart of Hollywood! Little Miss Nasty is comprised of twenty of the most professional and sought-after dancers. These dancers have worked with top recording artists and have been on stage at the Emmys, AMAs, VMAs, Grammys, and Super Bowl halftime performances! The motto of LMN is from the famous Rage Against the Machine lyric “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”.

Gina and her band of sex kittens performed for over hour with fast paced, jaw dropping, empowering, and downright nasty entertainment! The five dancers of the night were Gina Katon, Kyla Bullings, Sa Tiva, Tessa Cardwell, and Ellena Takos. These beautiful women were the perfect mix of all types of different nationalities! Their choreography was so in sync with the music and each segment of their performance was truly a masterpiece! Little Miss Nasty is sexual, creative, artistic, and push the boundaries of entertainment. They are hands down one of the best burlesque performances you will see and they leave you wanting much more!

Gina stated:

If Playboy and Suicide Girls had a middle child, that would be Little Miss Nasty!

Gina exclaimed:

We are art makers and rule breakers. We believe in rebelling against the system. We are advocates for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Being outspoken and being fearless are things LMN stand for.
We encourage women to be as sexy as they want to be, to be confident and badass. We rock as hard as the boys do; if not harder!

Gina and the Eastern Block (GATEB) is an American band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed by record producer/drummer Marc Jordan and talented sexy vocalist Gina Katon. They tour with guitarist Creighton Emrick (Orgy). This band plays strip club anthems! GATEB released their debut single “Sippin’ On A Forty” in 2016. The dark hip hop infused track “Bootsy Wally” is also wildly popular!

During the pandemic, GATEB wrote and recorded “Bloodsucker Motherfucker” featuring Kevin Thrasher from Escape the Fate as well as a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic hit “Head Like A Hole“. The next few years the band released massive hit “Pussy Gon Eat You” and a mind blowing cover of Korn’s epic song “Freak On A Leash“!

Gina performed with both of her acts back to back. The outstanding front woman enticed the crowd so much and went as far as doing an interactive performance in the middle of the crowd!

Gina said:

This song (Sippin’ On A Forty) pays homage to boredom, day drinking and lipstick lesbian sex.

Gina exclaimed:

The lyrics to “Pussy Gon Eat You” are not for the faint of heart. This song is ‘Pussy Power’ on crack. I did things vocally that I’ve never done before. I got weird!

Raven Black is a theatrical circus metal band from Los Angeles, California. They have been on tour with DevilDriver and Jinjer! The band will be hitting the road in August on their headlining tour.

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