A Conversation with Josey Scott

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Josey Scott, original front man and primary song writer for Saliva. This was my first interview with a musician of his caliber and I was extremely nervous waiting on that phone call, but I as soon I answered his call all my anxiety was removed. Josey greeted me like an old friend and for what I intended to be a straight forward interview turned into more of a friendly conversation about music, family and life in general.

Blackbone and the beginning of Saliva

Josey said he likes to refer to his time with his first band Blackbone as a Rock and Roll boot camp. During these years he learned what it was like to live on the road, playing small bars, sometimes for no more than four people at a time, learning why you need such things as good management and an entertainment lawyer. When asked how Saliva succeeded where Blackbone had not, he contributed their success to what he learned in those early years of “Boot Camp” and to finding the right combination of band members, management and support from the right record label.

Finding National Success with “Every Six Seconds”

In 2001 Saliva released “Every Six Seconds” their first national release that produced two hits “Your Disease” and “Click Click Boom” both songs becoming fan favorites and receiving plenty of air play. I asked Josey in looking back, did he feel this was this Saliva’s biggest achievement, he had this to say: While proud of all their music, ‘Every Six Seconds’ was massive achievement in being their first national release and credits it success to having great A&R support and full support of their label Island Def Jam Records, whom at the time were more known for representing some of the top Rap Artist.

A Number One Hit and Spiderman Fame

2002 was big year not only for Saliva as a band, who had managed to avoided a sophomore slump with the release of “Back into Your System” the album that produced their first number one hit with “Always” but for Josey personally as well. Asked to work with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger for a song that would become the theme song for the soon to be released Spiderman movie. That song would be “Hero” Josey traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia and met up with Chad to record both the song and the video. The video went on to win an MTV Music Video Award. Having completed the song, Josey went back on tour with Saliva. A few months passed and the video for “Hero” was released changing Josey’s entire world. The song and video were a huge success propelling Josey into the spotlight, receiving many request to appear on network talk shows. Josey told me one of the biggest thrills in recording “Hero” was not only getting to work with Chad Kroeger, but Matt Cameron as well, who was currently drumming for Pearl Jam but had also spent time as a with Soundgarden.

Leaving Saliva

In speaking with Josey on stepping down as front man for Salivia in 2010, he said it was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Then I asked if he missed the attention and fame and was surprised to hear he didn’t care about that side of the music bussiness. “It was the music I missed” he said and followed it up with “If you’re in it for fame or money, you’re in the wrong business” Josey said several things factored into his departure, including the toll of the grueling road. The fast-paced life, drugs and alcohol had been too much, but most importantly it was the birth of his first daughter, whom they almost lost at birth. For Josey it was like a message from God, if he didn’t make changes he would lose everything, his family, his career or even his life.

Josey’s Return to Music

Before the world locked down, there were several attempts at some kind of reunion with Saliva, but unfortunately things just never worked in their favor, but Josey was able to make a one-off appearance with Saliva at Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

Sadly, there will never be a chance for a full reunion with Saliva with the passing of founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter Wayne Swinny in March of 2023. Just a few days before speaking to Josey, Saliva announced that the band had met and decided to continue on with the band, stating they felt it was the best way to honor Wayne’s Memory. When asked how he felt about Saliva continuing on without any founding members, Josey had this to say: It’s the music that matters in the end and that they have his blessing. Josey also shared that he and current Saliva front man Bobby Amaru have a close relationship and are currently working together on a song called “Horizon” that will pay homage to their friend and bandmate Wayne Swinney.

Josey is currently working with his new band Shade Violent and are in the process of writing and recording new material.

Current Tour

When asked what fans can expect from his upcoming show at The Wildcatter Saloon he said the show would be tribute to all the great music of Saliva, promising not only the hits and few covers, but some deep cuts as well. He also teased that there a few surprises instore for fans. When questioned about the possibility of hearing new material, he said he was reserving that for when he returns with his new band Shade Violent.

In closing out our conversation, Josey wanted me to let the fans know the he loved them, missed them and he will see you soon.

Josey Scott will bring his show to The Wildcatter Saloon on Saturday, May 13th at 7pm

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