Kazyo Presents Unleashed XL In His Hometown!

Kayzo headlined at White Oak Music Hall in Houston on April 1st, 2023 with support from EpticCalcium, and Automhate on the Unleashed XL Tour!

Hayden Capuozzo, better known by his stage name Kayzo, is an American DJ from Houston, Texas who started in 2012. He had this concept in his head to finally bridge the worlds of rock and electronic! Everything Unleashed was is now amplified! It’s everything you know about him musically, given in a whole new visual package. Unleashed XL is not just Kayzo, it’s Hayden. It’s everything he wants to give to his fans and other upcoming artists. He wants them to feel inspired by what this is and to be comfortable taking risks. To try something different than what everyone loves or what they think they would like.

What is Unleashed XL?

It’s pure raw unmatched energy!

Kayzo states:

“You don’t know what people like until you just put it out there. As long as you love what you’re doing then you’re going to resonate with the right people.”

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