The Acacia Strain & Fit For An Autopsy Show Houston Different Ends of the Extreme Music Spectrum!

 The Acacia Strain & Fit For An Autopsy co-headlined at Warehouse Live in Houston on March 26th, 2023 with support from Full of Hell, and Primitive Man on their tour without a name! They said that there was no need for a name that it spoke for itself. This tour highlights the spirit of the mixed bill show!

The Acacia Strain is an American deathcore band originating from Chicopee, Massachusetts and was formed in 2001. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Vincent Bennett, lead guitar/backing vocalist Devin Shidaker, bassist Griffin Landa, rhythm guitarist Mike Mulholland, and drummer Kevin Boutot.

They played classic hits such as “Beast”, “Dr. Doom” and “4×4”. They also played the heavy hitting track “Chhinnamasta” off their latest album “Slow Decay” and debuted their new singles “Untended Graves” and “Fresh Bones” off their upcoming album “Step Into the Light” . The band concluded their set with yet another classic hit “Carbomb”!

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  • Beast
  • Ramirez
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Holy Walls of the Vatican
  • Send Help
  • Chhinnamasta
  • Dr. Doom
  • Whoa! Shut It Down
  • 4×4
  • Untended Graves
  • Seeing God
  • Fresh Bones
  • Crippling Poison
  • Carbomb

Fit For An Autopsy is an American deathcore band originating from Jersey City, New Jersey and was formed in 2008. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Joe Badolato, guitarist/backing vocalist Pat Sheridan, guitarist  Will Putney, guitarist Tim Howley, bassist Peter “Blue” Spinazola, and drummer Josean Orta.

They played classic hits “Do You See Him”, and “Thank You Budd Dwyer” celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their groundbreaking album “Hellbound“. They also debuted their new single “Hellions” off their upcoming split EP, “The Aggression Sessions”, with Thy Art Is Murder and Malevolence. The band concluded their set with fan favorites “Pandora” and “Far From Heaven” off their latest album “Oh What the Future Holds“!

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  • A Higher Level of Hate
  • Iron Moon
  • Black Mammoth
  • Savages
  • The Sea of Tragic Beasts
  • Warfare
  • Hellions
  • Do You See Him?
  • Thank You Budd Dwyer
  • Pandora
  • Far From Heaven

Full of Hell is an American grindcore band originating from Ocean City, Maryland and was formed in 2009. Their current lineup consists of vocalist/electronics Dylan Walker, guitarist Spencer Hazard, bassist/backing vocalist Sam DiGristine, and drummer Dave Bland.

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  • Halogen Bulb
  • Asphyxiant Blessing
  • Digital Prison
  • Crawling Back to God
  • Endless Drone
  • Vessel Deserted
  • Bone Coral and Brine
  • Silmaril
  • Burning Apparition
  • Eroding Shell
  • Reeking Tunnels
  • Aurora Leaking
  • Swarming Hornets
  • Amber Mote
  • Barb and Sap
  • Gnawed Flesh

Primitive Man is an American doom metal band originating from Denver, Colorado and was formed in 2012. Their current lineup consists of guitarist/vocalist Ethan Lee McCarthy, bassist Johnathan Campos, and drummer Joe Linden.


  • My Will
  • Victim
  • Bag Man
  • The Lifer

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