Sex, Parody & Rock & Roll….and more sex!!!

Steel Panther was “on the prowl” this week and brought its new album and it’s party time show to Houston. I had never seen STEEL PANTHER before and did not know what to expect but I have to say the music rocked and the party never stopped. 

The boys of sleaze rock held nothing back with their tunes that celebrate their hunger for sex and thirst for a good time. The show is full of hand gestures and pelvis thrust and the ladies could not get enough. 

One of the many things that I loved about this show and the band was how much fun they are having. The guys are all amazing at their chosen profession and really give it a 100 percent while poking fun at each other and life itself. 

The women in attendance love their looks and raunchy moves as much as they love the songs that either celebrate them or degrade them but either way it’s all in good fun. The show starts with a killer tune called “Eyes of a Panther” and ends with the encore song called “Gloryhole” which you can only imagine what that is about. One of my many highlights was the song called “Death to all but Metal”. 

Then the song for anyone who loves the 80’s 1987 is your song. It relives the good times of the 80’s. 

The audience seemed to really enjoy the moment when ALL ladies were invited up on stage to dance and get a lil sexy with the boys in the band. The party never stopped for almost 2 full hours. The singer Micheal Starr has a very strong voice and sexy moves while Satchel the guitar player with his Eddie Van Halen style rips on guitar. The new addition to the band Spyder is a really great bass player and showman, He really fills the void that former bassist Lexxi left. Then you have Stix on the skins with good looks and killer beats and seems to be a fan fave too. The whole “Sex” driven show seems to work for these bad boys of rock. Make sure to check out their new album “On The Prowl” it will get your inner animal going wild!! 

The song list went as follows…


  1.   Eyes of a Panther
  2.   Let Me Cum In
  3.   Asian Hooker
  4.   All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself
  5.   The Burden of Being Wonderful
  6.   Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World
  7.   Guitar Solo
  8.   Death to All but Metal

9. 1987

  1.     Ain’t Dead Yet
  2.     Girl From Oklahoma
  3.     Never Too Late (To Get Some
    Pussy Tonight)
  4.     Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
  5.     Community Property
  6.     Gloryhole 

For anything Steel Panther and future tour dates go to:

If you are not easily offended definitely go check out this show!!! 

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