Cody Canada and the Departed

Fans turned out in support for local Texas favorite Cody Canada and the Departed Friday night at The Wildcatter Saloon and were not disappointed with many couples turning any available space into a dance floor.

Going into this show I no previous knowledge of Cody Canada and the Departed or Cross Canadian Ragweed’s music. So, I will not attempt to list songs performed. I even tried to cheat by taking a picture of the set list, but list appeared to be abbreviated and I could not decipher the code. I can tell you the show was an excellent performance that I enjoyed way more than I anticipated. The Indie, Progressive Country, Southern Rock style offered something for everyone. Cody’s guitar skills were well displayed and The Departed offered a tight rhythm to round out a perfect performance.

Opening the show was Waves in April, a band of young rockers aging from 13 to 18 who formed out of the School of Rock New Braunfels. Two of the members happen to be the sons of Cody Canada, Willy Canada (Drums) and Dierks Canada (Lead Guitar). The other members are Peyton Glasco (Lead Guitar), Elysha Lemaster (Lead Vocals) and Luke Wilson (Base Guitar). The band was extremely tight and seemed well seasoned for a group that had only been together for a few years.

Cody Canada and the Departed

Waves in April

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