We Came As Romans Brought Darkbloom to Houston

We Came As Romans headlined at White Oak Music Hall on January 30th, 2023 with support from Erra, and Brand of Sacrifice on their Darkbloom tour!

The American metalcore band originates from Troy, Michigan and was formed in 2005.

The band played hits such as “Lost In the Moment”, “Tracing Back Roots”, and “Hope”. They also played several songs off their newly released album “Darkbloom”. The concluded their set with a reimagined version of “Darkbloom” (featuring Brand of Sacrifice’s vocalist Kyle Anderson) and also “Blackhole”.

We Came As Romans Setlist:

  • Intro
  • Daggers
  • Golden
  • The Anchor
  • Lost In the Moment
  • Wasted Age
  • Cold Like War
  • Tracing Back Roots
  • Hope
  • Ghosts//Fade Away
  • Learning To Survive
  • One More Day
  • Doublespeak
  • Plagued
  • Darkbloom
  • Darkbloom Reimagined
  • Blackhole

Erra Setlist:

  • Pull From the Ghost
  • House of Glass
  • Gungrave
  • Psalm of Sedition
  • Nigh To Silence
  • Vanish Canvas
  • Scorpion Hymn
  • Divisionary
  • Snowblood

Brand of Sacrifice Setlist:

  • Dawn
  • Demon King
  • Lifeblood
  • Altered Eyes
  • Exodus
  • Millennium
  • Eclipse

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