Paul Wall Showed Houston Why They Call Him the People’s Champ

Paul Wall headlined at BFE Rock Club on December 3rd, 2022 with Big Yogi and special guests! It was hosted by CJ THA GOV and DJ NiteKap with food served by Chef Machete from Gordos Ninos and sponsored by American Road Hog Cycles.

He started his set with the single “I’m Throwed” from his sophomore album “Get Money Stay True”. He continued playing songs and features such as favorites “Chunk up the Deuce”, “Swangin in the Rain”, “Break Em’ Off”, “Sittin’ Sidewayz”, and “Grillz”.

The Po Up Poet. The Iceman. The Slab God. The People’s Champ. Whatever you want to call him, he showed love to his fellow Houstonians and took selfies with them after his set concluded!

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