Capstan Takes Houston’s Breath Away

Capstan headlined at the Secret Group on Decemeber 17th, 2022 with support from In Her Own Words, Cherie Amour, and shallow pools on the last night of their North American tour! They celebrated the success of their tour with Jaeger bombs and brought all of the other bands on stage with them to conclude the night. You could feel the love all around the entire evening!


  • abandon
  • shades of us
  • We’ll Always Have Paris
  • take my breath away // noose
  • blurred around the edges
  • Stars Before the Sun
  • Hideaway
  • livebait
  • alone
  • Wax Poetic


  • Out of Focus
  • Serotonin
  • Silver Lights
  • Circles
  • Daydream
  • I Still Feel You in the Air
  • Lights Out
  • One Thing You Should Know
  • Alone with You
  • Right Now
  • Steady Glow


  • Burn
  • A Beautiful Mess, A Perfect Disaster
  • Love’s Not Your Thing
  • Letting Go
  • On Deck
  • Sin City
  • God Be a Woman
  • Orlando


  • Intro
  • ice water
  • nothing new
  • Say What You Want
  • Everything Is Fine
  • heavy on my heart
  • Now Or Never
  • circles
  • it’s alright

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