Trivium Conducts Houston to the Court of the Dragon

Trivium headlined at the House of Blues on November 4th, 2022 with support from Between the Buried and Me, Whitechapel, and Khemmis on their Deadmen and Dragons North American tour! This stacked lineup consisted of death metal, melodic death metal, doom metal, power metal, and progressive metal.

The band started their set with the title track of their album “What the Dead Men Say”. They continued with hits such as “In the Court of the Dragon” and “The Heart From Your Hate”. Trivium was giving the crowd their all and demanded that their ‘Shogunates” did the same! Matt Heafy also shouted out local UFC fighter Alex Morono, as he is also a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The powerful set was concluded with the explosive track “In Waves”. This tour was later stated to be the best headlining North American tour of their careers!

Trivium Setlist

  • IX
  • What the Dead Men Say
  • Into the Mouth of Hell We March
  • The Sin and the Sentence
  • Amongst the Shadows & the Stones
  • A Skyline’s Severance
  • Like Light to the Flies
  • The Shadow of the Abattoir
  • X
  • In the Court of the Dragon
  • To the Rats
  • The Heart From Your Hate
  • Shogun
  • Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr
  • Capsizing the Sea
  • In Waves


Trivium vocalist Matt Heafy stated:

“Between the Buried and Me are the pioneers of mixing genres well before anyone else had. BTBAM back in 2002 — on the impeccable self-titled album — showed that they were unapologetically ready to mix elements of death metal, melodic death metal, grindcore, power metal, prog, ethereal — at times beautiful — passages of melody. Their self-titled record was a massive influence on me; I was captivated by the immense mixture of so many styles. Through their combining of a vast range of sonics and soundscapes, they created a sound that is truly their own.”

Between the Buried and Me Setlist

  • Sun of Nothing
  • Revolution In Limbo
  • Extremophile Elite
  • Never Seen / Future Shock
  • The Future Is Behind Us

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu stated:

“We’re excited to have Whitechapel be a part of this amazing bill. It’s been over 10 years since we toured together on the Shogun tour and seeing how the band has progressed over the years and added a killer melodic element to their brutal sound just makes it a perfect time to share the stage once again.”

Whitechapel Setlist

  • I Will Find You
  • Anticure
  • Lost Boy
  • Orphan
  • This Is Exile
  • A Bloodsoaked Symphony
  • Doom Woods

Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto stated:

“Khemmis is one of my favorite new bands of the last few years, and when we were putting the tour together, I heavily advocated for having them on the bill. I think it’s always a testament to a band’s sound when you have trouble pinning a label to it — doom, melodic metal, thrash, death metal. With Khemmis, it’s all in there and rocks hard. They are a 10/10 live band and did a great cover of ‘Rainbow in the Dark,’ so do not miss their set!”

Khemmis Setlist

  • Avernal Gate
  • Three Gates
  • Sigil
  • Isolation
  • A Conversation with Death

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