40th Anniversary W.A.S.P shock!

November 2nd 2022 in Houston felt like a complete time warp. It was the 40th anniversary tour for the shock rock band W.A.S.P. I have never had the chance to see W.A.S.P live so the adrenaline was running high!! This was it, a chance of a lifetime!

I attended and reviewed a lot of shows, and believe me, when I say this was one of the best shows of the year and I will go as far as saying one of the best I have seen in a very long time.

In the 80’s, WASP was one of the most controversial bands to be on the scene and it was no secret that the PMRC headed by Tipper Gore tried to shut them down but to no success. Tipper Gore did manage to make warning labels that were posted on any albums with explicit language. However, this did not slow W.A.S.P down and I believe it only increased their popularity.

W.A.S.P’s stage theme is made up like an old retro circus, equipped with lights beaming up from the stage and the skulls hanging from chains giving you the feeling that you were in a chamber of horrors. The main attraction on stage of course is “Elvis” which stands about 6-7ft tall and is the centerpiece microphone stand for Blackie and believe me that “Elvis” did not leave the building till he made a lasting impression on the whole crowd.
The current line up consist of;
Blackie Lawless ( Guitar , vocals)
Mike Duda ( Bass)
Doug Blair ( Lead Guitar)
Aquiles Priester ( Drums)

Now welcome to the show…!
The band opens with a melody of four songs, and when you have 40 years of killer tunes you have a lot to choose from which of course W.A.S.P did not disappoint!
Blackie and the boys sounded absolutely amazing! The band was as tight as a virgin on prom night!!! The screens in the background played amazing old clips of the band from the 40 years of entertaining us. We were reminded of Chris Holmes, Randy Piper and of course Frankie Banalli (RIP).

The song selection was spot-on, and I felt that they selected the best of the best. I was so mesmerized by just how good Blackie and the band sounded. Most bands, especially front men that have been around 40 years, do not sound as good as they did that night. The light show for a photographer was a bit tough but as a fan attending the show, it could not have been better. The song list was long and even when they slowed down and performed for Heavens Hung In Black (which was done to perfection) the show was still hard and exciting. W.A.S.P is back by popular demand and hopefully this will not be the last time. If this show comes to your area do not miss it!!!

The set list was as follows –
1. Melody of songs
On your knees, the flame , the torture never stops, inside the electric circus
2. Crazy
3. L.O.V.E Machine
4.Wild Child
5.Heaven’s hung in black
6. Hellion / I don’t need no Doctor
7. The Idol
8. Chainsaw Charlie ( Murders in the new morgue)
9. Blind in Texas

1. Animal ( F#*K like a beast)
2. The Real Me ( The Who Cover)
3. I wanna be somebody

All pics and review by Thomas Coffman and Coffman Rock Shots

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