Rock Me….Roll Me…. Jackyl Me Off

Jackyl’s latest tour brought them to The Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, Texas and the Chainsaw Mafia was ready to rock at what was arguably the loudest show I’ve witnessed at The Wildcatter Saloon to date.

Jackyl opened the show with three of their biggest singles “Down on Me” followed by “I Stand Alone” and “Dirty Little Mind” all from their self-titled album “Jackyl” One of my favorite moments in the show was Jackly’s cover of the 1973 Grand Funk Railroad hit “Were an American Band” The show closed with their biggest hit “The Lumberjack” complete with chainsaw wielding Jessy James Dupree going all Leatherface on a barstool.

Opening the show was local band out of Austin, Christian Shields. Christian Shields has quickly become one of my favorites, with their straight forward approach to rock music reminding me of the early days of bands such as Van Halen. Singer and band namesake Christian Shields has an amazing vocal range and the band is as tight and polished as any national act. If you have not had the pleasure of witnessing this band you’re definitely missing out.

Jackyl / Christian Shields

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